How to choose a mermaid prom dress for women?

First popularize the evening dress knowledge: it arose in the Western social activities, in the evening formal party, ceremony, ceremonial wear with clothing. The skirt length and foot back, the fabric to pursue the flowing, drape good, the color to black is the most grand. Evening dresses vary in style, Western-style long dresses bare chest and back, showing female charm. Chinese evening dresses are noble and elegant, shaping the unique oriental charm, there is a combination of Chinese and Western fashion new. With the evening dress with the appropriate choice of clothing elegant and luxurious, exaggerated modeling, highlighting the characteristics of women. For more details: you can take a look at Azazei mermaid prom dresses.


Short prom dress: It is a ceremonial dress worn in the evening or daytime at cocktail formal parties, ceremonies, and ceremonies. The skirt length is 5cm above and below the knee, suitable for young women to wear. The dress with the small dress is suitable for selection.

Two pieces dresses: It is a ceremonial dress worn by professional women to attend celebrations and ceremonies on professional occasions. The skirt suit dress is elegant, dignified, competent professional female style. The dress with the short skirt suit dress reflects the subtlety and solemnity, with pearl jewelry as the first choice.

Daytime types: Grade formal dress style ordinary, open collar, seven-point sleeves of the dress for formal clothing. The skirt length varies from knee-length to long skirt. The longer the dress, the more formal it is. Silk or silk sense of material can be added embroidery, lace, etc., should avoid too luminous fabric. Pearl jewelry is good, the accompanying small bag to be small and delicate, shoes and bags can not be too gorgeous, to satin, flat velvet, velvet and other textures. Of course there are also long sleeve prom dresses.